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Manufacturer's Warranty


SOEKS, the manufacturer, guarantees correct operation of the device 
purchased provided that the user observes and respects the operating 
conditions, safety measures, and storage/transportation requirements, 
as described in the operating manual supplied with the product.

Warranty period
The device is guaranteed for 24 months (2 years) following purchase from an 
official SOEKS retailer. In the event of an online purchase, the warranty will begin
receipt of the device. If the device has been purchased as a gift, the warranty will begin 
when the final user receives the product.

To make a claim
The user must notify the retailer, from whom he purchased the device, of the relevant malfunction encountered and, if applicable, supply photographic evidence of the issue. The retailer will then decide whether the problem is resolvable or whether the unit needs to be replaced.

The warranty will be void if:
  -   operation or storage requirements are not respected;
  -   malfunction is caused by force majeure;
  -   the device, or any of its components, display signs of shock or other mechanical impact (scratches,    
      cracks, chips, loose parts inside the unit, colour spots or cracks on the screen, etc. );
  -   malfunction is caused by foreign objects, liquids, and insects inside the unit;
  -   the user attempts to disassemble the device and/or attempt a repair. 

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